With colleagues from the Internet Project, we set up the local Czech-Slovak Sitecore User Group, following the example of other countries, and planned the first meeting in Prague. As common, this is a meeting after working hours. We will meet all those who are interested in Sitecore, its use in real life and the sharing of experience about challenges we encounter in the projects. Last but not least, there is a great way to deal with other professionals face-to-face.

Agenda is, I think, standard. The planned start is at 18:00, a couple of short interesting lectures and then discussing them at the bar.

Sitecore supports these activities in general and the community as well. Many MVPs like SUGs like to come and present there. When we started asking who would come to Prague to share their experience, we did not even dream that we could convince the biggest of the biggest –  Akshay Sura and Jason Wilkerson aka LonghornTaco from US will come. Like Rolling Stones would come to your birthday party.

The unwritten but golden rule is NO HIRING, NO SALES, only experience Everyone is welcome.

Meetup takes place on 30 October in Prague, for more information on events, lectures and schedule below the links below.

Sign in to # 1 Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Sitecore-User-Group-Czechia-Slovakia/events/253133016/
Do not forget to join the group as such. You will receive information about what is planned: https://www.meetup.com/Sitecore-User-Group-Czechia-Slovakia/

Akshay and Jason will stay longer and visit more countries within Europe. We are going to fly yet again to Copenhagen to say good bye. Join us!