Recently, I have migrated several projects from older Sitecore versions. I even had to transfer large volume of data, as for example, images of products and various documents. Due to various limitations like the maximum size of the ZIP file, I couldn’t use the standard Sitecore installation package.

How to Do It?

We will show you how to do it on the images, which we have saved in the Media Library. First, using Package Designer, we will prepare a Sitecore installation package, into which we will add a root directory of the transferred project. See Figure 1. Install this package into the target Sitecore instance.


Figure 1

Now, you have to transfer the content of the directory. Use a tree serializer to do this. This function is available on the “Developer“ tab. If you don’t see it in your Sitecore, you first have to enable it. This is done by right clicking the mouse anywhere in the tab space and checking off “Developer“. See Figure 2.


Figure 2

Once the “Developer“ tab is enabled, select a directory with images in the content tree and select the “Serialize tree“ option on the “Developer” tab. See Figure 3.


Figure 3

After clicking on this option, Sitecore records the whole content of the selected file onto a hard disk. The data is recorded into the Data/serialization directory of your project. In my example, it is C:/intepub/TestWeb/Data/serialization, in which I can now see the same directory structure as in Sitecore. Once the serialization is complete, it copies the content of this directory into the same path of the target Sitecore instance. Once all the data is transferred, sign in to the target Sitecore instance, where I had previously installed the created Sitecore package. Here, I also enable the “Developer“ tab . In the content tree, I click all the way through to the installed directory, in which the images should be and I select the “Revert tree“ option on the “Developer” tab. See Figure 4.


Figure 4

And we’re finished 🙂