When analyzing views from unpaid searches, it is good to focus on, among other things, the division of views based on brand and non-brand inquires. This article will illustrate how easy it to set this up in Sitecore.

You will probably be among the first positions on most of the brand terms (in those, where not only the name of your company appears but also maybe where the name is combined with the product) in the search results. Many of these inquires may be typo in the URL or just the user’s mere laziness to write your whole web address. In such a case, the browser will not go back to the incorrectly entered address, but to the search result in the browser, which the user has set as default. For the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis of the web based on the data from Experience Analytics, it is more convenient to have such views from the organic separately.

These key words can be identified relatively easily in Google Analytics in the Preview Acquisition -> Campaign -> Organic Keys Words. Using the advanced filter (1) you can find only those that contain the name of your brand /product or service (2).

Brandová klíčová slova v Google Analytics

A large percentage of will not be provided at the front of the table. This is because Google hasn’t provided search phrases in the Czech Republic since 2012. Fortunately, Seznam provides these words (for now). Therefore, it is possible to find out what brand search phrases look like.

Now, it is necessary to set the key words in Sitecore. Using Content Editor, go to branch /sitecore/system/Settings/Analytics/Organic Branded Keywords and write or paste the list of key words into the Keywords field, which is located in the Data section. Separate individual words using Enter.

Nastavení brandových klíčových slov v Sitecore

Nastavení brandových klíčových slov v Sitecore

Finally, click save and publish. From now on, such defined key words will appear in the Organic Branded section of Experience Analytics, in the Keywords report.