First Czechoslovak Sitecore Community Meetup is over. We met us at Café Neustadt in the downtown of Prague with just over 30 people. As part of #SUGTOUREU we were honored to welcome 3 foreign speakers – Una, Jason and Akshay. More details in the report below.


#1 SLOT: We have seen 6 interesting presentations divided into two blocks separated by a short break. Topics were balanced for technical professionals as well as marketers and business. As a organizer, I quickly introduced a meeting and invited my colleague from Internet Project Peter Kocian on the stage, who prepared a short presentation about Best Tips & Tricks that we use in our Sitecore projects.


Download presentation in PDF

#2 SLOT: Una Verhoeven with her sym recap presentation “Where machine learning meets social #ThinkYouKnowMe”


Presentation on SlideShare

#3 SLOT: Peter Procházka from Accenture’s Slovak offices introduced the news in Commerce 9 Update 2 incl. live demo Do not miss the presentation with a lot of useful resources below.


Presentation in Peter’s blogpost or on SlideShare

#4 SLOT: Jiří Padera and René Náplava from Oriflame company introduced how they use data in internal CRM in Sitecore Automation Plans.


Download presentation in PDF

#5 SLOT: Jason Wilkerson of Wilkerson Consulting has demonstrated in his presentation “Driving an Immersive Customer Experience with Sitecore Experience Commerce + IoT”, how easy it is to use Sitecore, IoT and a little creative thinking to increase conversions in e.g. the amusement park.


Download presentation in PDF

#6 SLOT: Meetup agenda has been closed by Akshay Sura of Konabos with his presentation about SiteCron, which was appreciated primarily by the technically oriented part of the audience.


Download presentation in PDF

Everyone who has arrived, thank you very much for your interest. I believe you enjoyed the first Meetup as we did. The next one is planned for the spring in Slovakia, so we are looking forward to meeting you there.



Finally, great thanks for sponsoring the first meeting of the company Internet Projekt.