What’s New in Sitecore 9 Forms? Sitecore 9 Forms has a completely redesigned user interface, form editing is done in the SPEAK (Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit), you can read more about SPEAK here. A big new feature is creating multiple-step forms, a thing that was lacking in WFFM for a long time, and Sitecore finally did it. The change that should come in the 2018 is conditions for form fields (the user selects a checkbox X, the Y field is hidden, etc.).

How does the new Sitecore 9 Forms look like?

The form consists of pages, and the page can be divided into sections. The advantage is that Sitecore has added a Text element that can be placed anywhere in the form. With this element you can solve text, annotation, help for individual fields and more. You can choose what type of Text element (paragraph, title, label, …). The list of elements does not differ from previous versions except the Text element. Editing is intuitive, just like the previous versions. The Submit element is different from the previous version, you can choose if submitting the form is going to next/previous step.

The picture above is a simple two-step order form consisting of two steps:

  • Order form 1/2
    • Personal Information
  • Order form 2/2
    • Delivery Information
    • Payment Information

As in previous versions, the data entered by a visitor can be stored in a database, emailed, or written with an action that will, for example, pass data into a CRM or other system. Of course, the new version includes features related to analytics such as goal registration, drop-down forms, and more.