Request for a license

Every developer, who wants to try working with Sitecore, can now request for a license key that is valid for 60 days. Go to

to request the license. Once you are approved, you can download the installation files.

How to try Sitecore? We have a few tips for you.

Download the installation file at

Download and read the documentation on the same website. Prepare the server. I recommend creating it in a cloud. You can try the server in AWS or MS Azure for free. Or install some VM software (e.g. VirtualBox) on your local computer. Install Sitecore according to the documentation.

Testing data

If you also want to try the marketing function or personalization, simply installing Sitecore is not completely ideal for testing. The solution is to install some of the prepared DEMOs, like Habitat.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Sitecore community.

You can also contact us at Internet Projekt at any time.