What is it like working with the Content Management System from Sitecore? Nice. Think of anything you are expecting from CMS and Sitecore will know how to do it. Whether it deals with versioning the content, workbox or in-site editing. Not enough? What about language options, tools for translators and timed publications? It will probably not surprise you that it easily deals with multi-optional testing, advanced multi-level administration of authorization, the, media library and many others.

Screenshot Jetstream Demo

The best thing is that if the user is missing anything, it can easy be additionally programmed in. It is possible to modulate every key, bookmark or a part of it.

From experience: It is not an exception that we program keys with their own functionalities for our customer. It can deal with various exports, running tasks or a simple batch modification of some of the fields. It can basically be said that the options are endless.

If you look at the environment closely, you will not miss one thing – the similarity with the MS Office tools. Sitecore cooperates very closely with Microsoft. Therefore, it presents user interfaces, which are similar to the ones of MS with a simple objective – not force the user to continuously learn to work with new systems. That’s nice, isn’t it? At least for your colleagues, who have to publish company news on the website and are not exactly computer experts 🙂

Sitecore Desktop

We’re not all-knowing from the get go and it will be necessary to learn new things. However, Sitecore will always simplify the learning process for you. My colleagues and I will also try to simplify this for you.  🙂

The posts on this blog will continuously introduce you to individual functions and tricks, which we know, which we have encountered, or ones which we have come up with on our own. So watch us.